I wanted to share a collection of interesting artist’s websites. Some of these are just plain cool, while others are good examples of professional artist sites.

I might jump into web designer mode unintentionally with some of my descriptions on each of the sites. Hopefully it’s useful commentary that can give you some ideas for your site.

I’ve organized the sites into three sections. Click the links below to jump to a specific section:

1 – Cool Artist Websites

2 – Professional Artist Websites

3 – Instructional Artist Websites

Cool Artist Websites

What  artist doesn’t want to have a cool website? I think we all do. Maybe one day we’ll be as cool as these folks. Until then we’ll just have to be happy with admiring their sites.

Ramin Nazer AKA Rainbow Brain Skull

I love the color, hand-drawn designs, and general aesthetic of his website.  Ramin’s site is not only really cool, but has an impressive amount of content. He’s got  an art gallery, books, a product shop, and podcasts.  I heard Ramin’s standup comedy long before I knew he was a visual artist. When I stumbled on his “Rainbow Brain Skull” Instagram account I was surprised.  Give him a follow here, his work is fun and interesting.


You can immediately tell this is an artist’s website – with the unusual hand-drawn critter trotting across the backdrop of twinkling stars. I appreciate how they simplified the site in several ways. Such as the 3 link menu on the home page, and combining multiple galleries into one by clever use of cover photos. The custom font and header illustration really make the style of this site something special.


Professional Artist Websites

John Hui 

John is an exceptional portrait artist. His work leaves a strong impression for his bold artistic choices. I appreciate the content that John is creating for his blog as well. His site is a great example of how an artist can use their portfolio and blog to connect with their audience. I highly recommend you give John a follow on Instagram (http://instagram.com/johnhuiartdesign). He is always appreciative of fan support, and highly engaged on the platform.

Zoe Schwartz

Zoe has an expressive colorful art style reminiscent of fauvist works. She has an impressive portfolio of creative work on her site. I like how personal her bio and blog content is. It really helps people relate on a personal level and understand her vision as an artist. Her website is another good example for professional artists. If you are interested in her work, follow Zoe on Instagram where she posts more recent content.

Mike Creighton

Mike is a multidisciplinary artist and art instructor. He has a striking style of portrait drawing, based on a technique he calls  contour hatching. His skill in capturing a likeness, and turning it into an interesting piece of art is evident through his  portfolio.  If you’re interested in learning some of his methods you can find his Sktchy course here


Instructional Artist Websites

Stan Prokopenko

Stan (aka Proko) has created an exceptional resource for artists. He started his Youtube channel several years ago offering anatomy tutorials for artists. Since then he has grown his channel significantly. Now Proko features all kinda of interesting content – such as art tips, artist interviews, and artist carer advice. His site is also really well organized – check out the library page to see what I mean.

Alphonso Dunn

I stumbled on Alphonso’s work when I was searching for art tutorials on Youtube. Alphonso has grown his fan following by creating a range of tutorials on the subject of pen & ink. He has also written a book on the subject, which you can find on his website.  His pen & ink drawings are exceptional, but I think his pencil portraits might be even more impressive.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing his work in progress videos that he posts to Instagram.

If you are interested in creating an art instructional website like Alphonso or Proko, please let me know (or any type of artist website really). I’m interested in helping artists start their online business. So I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to learn more about artist websites, please subscribe to my newsletter below. I am always working on new content to help artists grow their online business.

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