Moz Academy is currently offering free training. You can get access here: Moz training, but feel free to stick around for a moment to hear why you should learn from them.

Moz is an industry leader in the field of online marketing. They provide some of the best online marketing tools available for both local and online businesses. Aside from their paid services, they do provide some useful free tools – such as their site analysis tool and location audit tools.

Their blog has quality content around helping businesses get through current challenges. They have a post here that outlines a good plan for communicating with your customers through the COVID-19 crisis.

I know you’ll find value in using their resources, which is why I’m recommending them here. The Moz Academy has courses on SEO, keyword research, and how to optimize pages. Those are all valuable to any business owner. If you are interested in further developing your marketing skills they provide advanced courses on site auditing and reporting as well.

In any case, I hope you can find something there that may help you out.

Update: I found additional resources that MOZ offers as well. I believe these are always available for free, you can find them here:

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